radiance library

afix Fix out-of-bounds values in premultiplied-alpha space
afixhighlight Brightly highlight pixels in pink where fc.rgb > f.a
allwhite Basic white fill
attractor Flow the first image around the second using lightness gradient
bespeckle Brownian-ish speckle effect
bespecklep Brownian-ish speckle effect with perlin noise
blowout Push colors towards extremes with smoothstep
bounce Zoom in (bounce) to the beat & audio
brighten Make the image more white
bstrobe Full black strobe. Intensity increases frequency
bwave Black sine wave from left to right.
cedge Derivative of https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XssGD7, with tighter edges.
cga1 CGA mode 1: black, cyan, magenta, white
chansep Red / green / blue color channel separation
circle Yellow blob that spins to the beat
coin Rotate the 'object' in 3D, like a coin
composite Overlay the second input on top of the first
count Count out the beats
crack And the cracks begin to show
crossfader Mix between the two inputs
crt CRT-style effect
csmooth Apply gaussian spatial blur
cube 3D cube
cyan Cyan diagonal stripes
cycle2 Switch between the two inputs on the beat
cylinder Wrap the parent texture on a spinning cylinder
deblack Increase alpha ( undo "black" )
delace Deinterlacing artifacts
delay Introduce a delay (and make things blurry)
depolar Convert rings to vertical lines
desat Desaturate in YUV space
desatb Desaturate to the beat (in HSV space)
diodelpf Apply smoothing over time with new hits happening instantly
distort Distort the screen to the beat
droste Droste effect (spiral forever!)

[http://roy.red/droste-.html + zbanks]

dunkirk Apply a Dunkirk-esque (dark blue) palette
dwwave Diagonal white wave
edge From https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XssGD7
emboss Emboss first input according to second
eye Distort effect that makes the image look more like an eye
filmstop De-sync the shutter and the film feed
fire Fire from the bottom
fireball Fileball in the center
flippy Turns the image into tiles and flips each one along a diagonal
flow Radiate color from the center based on audio
flower Convert vertical lines to radial flower pattern
flowing Sort of like rainbow but for lightness, avoiding the edges
fly 3D flying view

[inigo quilez (iq/2013), modified by Eric Van Albert]

foh First order (expontential) hold to the beat
fractalzoom Overlays a smaller pattern and zoom in on it
gamma Brighten the image using gamma correction
gay Excessive rainbow
glitch Digital glitching
green Zero out the everything but the green channel (green is not a creative color)
greenaway Shift colors away from green (green is not a creative color)
greenscreen Replace green parts of the first input with the second
gstrobe Strobe alpha to the beat
halftone CMYK halftoning, like a printer
heart Pink heart
hpass Pass-thru when there are "highs" in the music
hue Shift the color in HSV space
inception Created by inigo quilez - iq/2013
interstellar Lightspeed travel rays


invertl Invert the image lightness, preserving color
invstrobe Image disappears on the beat
jet Matlab-ify the colors


kaleidoscope Mirror and repeat the pattern in a circle
lathe Like you're looking at the image reflected in something that was surfaced on a lathe
life Game of life?
litebrite Pixelate, but circles in a hexagonal grid
loopy Loopy laser-like pattern
lorenz Lorenz attractor
lpass Pass-thru when there are "lows" in the music
lpf Smooth output
ltohs Set the hue and saturation equal to the lightness in HSV space
luma Makes black transparent (luma keying)
maze 3D maze
melt The walls are melting
mirror Place a vertical mirror to make the frame symmetric
negative Invert the image colors
no Reduce alpha (make input go away)
nogreen Zero out the green channel (green is not a creative color)
onblack Composite the input image onto black
oscope Fake waveform visualizer that looks like an oscilloscope
outline Apply black outline around edges

[https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XssGD7 + zbanks]

pan Move input horizontally
pink Pink polka dots
pixelate Pixelate/quantize the output
polar Convert vertical lines to rings
polygon Convert vertical lines to polygon rings
posterh Reduce number of hues in HSV space
posterize Reduce number of colors
projector Projector light scattering
purple Organic purple waves
qcircle Big purple soft circle
qlpf Smooth output (quadratic LPF)
rainblur Rainbow radial blur
rainbow Cycle the color (in HSV) over time
random Snowcrash: white static noise
randy Obnoxiously zoom and rotate ( in honor of Raaaaandy Seidman )
rblur Created by inigo quilez - iq/2013
rblurb Created by inigo quilez - iq/2013
red Change the color (in HSV) to red
rekt Get (covered in random) rekt(angles)
resat Recolor output with perlin noise rainbow
rfuzz Radial fuzz based on audio
rgbmask Use the R, G, B channels of the first input to mask the other 3 inputs
rjump Shift the hue on the beat
rolling Rolling shutter effect
rotate Rotate the screen
rsheen Cycle quickly through the rainbow according to lightness, giving things a rainbow sheen
saturate Saturate colors in HSV space
scramble Scramble up input blocks
sethue Set the color in HSV space
shake Shake the image when there are lows
slide Slide the screen left-to-right
smoke Perlin noise green smoke
smoky Emit smoke from the object
smooth Apply gaussian resampling ( at pixel aligned points )
snowcrash Snowcrash: white static noise
solitaire That cool thing that happens when you beat solitaire
speckle Per-pixel twinkle effect
spin Rotate the screen
spinb Spins the pattern round to the beat
sscan White slit for testing
starfield Pixels radiating from the center
still Stick chunks to the screen
strange Strange tentacles
stripes Dense diagonal white wave with hard edges
stripey Vertical stripes with a twinkle effect
strobe Strobe alpha to the beat
subpixel Zoomin until you see subpixels
survey Zoom in and pan across the surface
swipe Only update a vertical slice that slides across
tesselate Repeating tiles, flipped so that the pattern tesselates
test A green & red circle in the center
threedee Fake 3D-glasses effect
tile Repeating tiles
tilt Move input vertically
tunnel 3D tunnel


uvmap Use .rg as .uv and crossfade
uvmapid Base identity pattern for use with `uvmap`
uvmapplain Use .rg as .uv without crossfading
uvmapself Apply `uvmap` using 1 input for both UV & RGB
uvmapselfn Apply `uvmapself` repeatedly. Instant hellscape
vignette Applies vignette
vu Blue vertical VU meter
warble Makes the image warbly
wave Green and blue base pattern
wavy Rectilinear distortion
wobsphere Wobbly drippy sphere that responds to audio
wstrobe White strobe to the beat
wwave White wave with hard edges
yellow Yellow and green vertical waves
yuvblur Horizontal blur of UV channels to give an old-timey effect
yuvchansep YUV color channel separation
yuvmap Use UV (from YUV) as .uv and crossfade
yuvmapd Use UV (from YUV) as delta-.uv and crossfade
yuvmapid Identity input for yuvmap
yuvposter Reduce number of colors in YUV space (but keep luminance)
yuvrot Shift the color in YUV space by rotating on the UV plane
yuvsat Saturate colors in YUV space by making things more UV
zoh Zero order hold to the beat
zoomin Zoom in
zoomout Zoom out