Video art software designed for live performance

Radiance is free and open source VJ software.
Download for Linux or Mac


GPU-based shader effects

Chain together simple building blocks to create fantastic video effects. All rendering is GPU-accelerated for good performance, even on laptops. Radiance comes pre-loaded with over 150 effects, which are written in GLSL and can be edited live.


Bring your own video clips and images. Radiance integrates the powerful video player MPV. Open files, webcams, live streams, and even Youtube videos, straight into Radiance.

Beat detection

Connect Radiance to your sound system for music-reactive visuals. Radiance performs beat detection on the incoming audio, and uses this as the global timebase. This means that every effect will automatically be "on the beat" and will slow down or speed up along with the music.


Radiance is designed with live performance in mind. Patterns are easy to create and tweak on the fly, whether it be from a laptop touchpad or a MIDI DJ controller. Output to a projector, a custom lighting display, or combine both in the same workflow for a coordinated light show.